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Apartment decoration: ideas, tips and much more

Let’s be clear about something: the rules of the game are not the same when decorating an apartment or a house. They are not even the same when we decorate very different apartments, such as flats, lofts, duplexes or PHs. The decorators and interior designers understand these differences and know how to work property news the best possible match for each type of housing.

In large cities, such as our beloved City of Fury, the value of the square meter continues to rise and the result is that the spaces are getting smaller and smaller. In turn, the population grows and grows, and… continues to grow and people spread to new neighborhoods that real estate sellers baptize with suggestive names that remind us of New York or London. The result of this gentrification means that either old buildings are recovered and put into effect respecting the mark of the time, or it is built from scratch. What does this have to do with decoration? Well, a lot, since the architectural style of the building, and even the neighborhood, will depend on the general look that our department will have, since all these things are related to each other.

To the limited space are added other problems that must also be solved, such as the lack of natural light or unattractive views, not to mention the noise from the street. In addition, in a department certain parts, extensions or reforms must have the approval of the consortium and even of the government authorities if we want to affect the facade of the building in any way. As we know, part of interior design and decoration is to solve specific situations, trying to do it without sacrificing aesthetics.

The good news is that there are many tricks that can help us turn the least promising apartment into a unique space, brimming with charm and personality, that adapts to its environment with grace and that draws a smile on our face every time we open the door to go home.

How to decorate an apartment – Part I

The facade of the building is beyond our control, so we have to manage to make a great impression on visitors from the front door and  hall. Once we pass the threshold, we are in our own territory and it is up to us that the department exceeds expectations, contributing powerfully to cement a positive first impression, if the building and the bearing produce it, or to make a negative one be forgotten if the whole exterior does not help us. How do we do this? Painting the door in a contrasting or different color, if we cannot do it from the outside, then at least from the inside, buying a narrow carpet that serves as a path, a coat rack to hang the covers, art on the walls and some decorative element that talks about us, like plants, a sculpture or some ornament.

How to decorate an apartment – Part II

In the interior spaces, we should keep the promise that we started in the entrance hall. Living rooms ,  dining rooms and even kitchens, especially if they are integrated, must be impeccable and establish a decorative dialogue. What does this mean? That it is even more important in apartments to be able to tell an aesthetic story that has a good common thread, instead of decorating environments with a particular and different imprint. One way to maintain this cohesion is to opt for the same color or variety of wood in the furniture, have a palette if not identical, at least harmonious and try to stay within the style.

Decorate apartments with integrated environments

More and more we find departments that have two or more integrated environments. The constant today is social areas and kitchen in a freed floor. Here it is vital that the kitchen is elevated in category and goes to the next level so as not to embarrass the living and dining rooms, spaces that, because they are used by visitors, tend to have a higher degree of sophistication in their design and decoration. The best thing about this is that the kitchens are dressed up and the spaces gain in size, ventilation, natural light and visual amplitude.

Small apartment decoration

The lack of space raises many problems that we must solve without sacrificing the aesthetic part. From the famous studios to apartments with separate bedrooms, but of tiny proportions, the secret is in the decoration and furniture.

In small apartments it is best to opt for light colors, white walls and ceilings, integrated spaces to achieve wider views, better ventilation and windows that allow natural light to enter. Large mirrors are a trick that never fails, as well as furniture with wheels or multifunction, such as sofa beds or even, folding beds that hide when not in use.

The decorative style

We can marry the decorative style of our choice or play around with pieces from different periods and aesthetics. The important thing, yes, is to maintain a good balance between empty spaces and objects, try to have a theme or concept that helps us not to get out of line and that the final set is chaotic and impossible to understand.

If we are going to concentrate on a single style, let’s try not to fall into clichés or spaces that seem too scenic. If, on the other hand, we want to try a little of everything, let’s try to unify the combination of colors or materials for a neater final finish.


The duplexes and triplexes give us the possibility of separating the different environments into levels. This is how we can let the social areas occupy the ground floor, while the bedrooms enjoy a little more privacy as they are on another floor. The interesting thing about duplexes is that they give us the possibility of playing with double heights, planning spaces that overlook others and taking advantage of stairs, which are structures with infinite aesthetic and even artistic possibilities.

Let’s not pass up the opportunity to have a truly sensational staircase that will steal all eyes.

The Argentine PHs or Horizontal Property from which the initials come, are quite particular and highly coveted constructions. With an aesthetic of bygone times, PHs present certain challenges. They do not usually have height, for which the view is sacrificed in some cases and if it is about houses that do not face the whole, they can be quite dark. The best thing in these cases is to take advantage of the central patio that they usually have as a ventilation and source of sunlight and try to enlarge or take advantage of the windows we have.

Recycled PHs tend to have integrated spaces and a decoration that, although contemporary, always seeks to wink to the past or respect some original elements, such as carpentry or floors.

Decoration of floors or semi-floors

The floors or semi-floors are usually large apartments and although it may not seem like it, they also present their challenges when it comes to decorating. The  livings and dining if integrated, they must have some sort of visual division, such as a column, a long carpet or furniture that divides the two environments. It is better to use a few large pieces of furniture than a lot of small pieces of furniture stacked without rhyme or reason.

If the space is large and therefore not very inviting, Blue World City can create smaller areas, such as a reading corner with a sofa and a fabulous floor lamp, or a couple of armchairs and a round table in a corner for more talks. intimate rooms or even a game table to play cards or pool or billiards that, in addition to being decorative, give us the possibility of spending fun evenings.

The  apartment bedrooms , even when they are large, usually present us with the problem of the storage place, so many of our energies will be oriented to alleviate it. A closet or dressing room from floor to ceiling and wall to wall will help us keep our things tidy and can also be very decorative, depending on what we do with the doors, which are only the visible faces. For the rest, it is important that our bedroom reflects our essence, that it does not have too many objects that visually contaminate, remember that it is a place of rest and use the bed, the largest piece of furniture in that space as an anchor. Do not underestimate the effect of textiles to convey the colors of the palette and different textures.

Decorate bathrooms

The apartment bathrooms sometimes pose the problem of being the one that we are going to use and also our visitors, if we do not have a reception toilet or a complete bathroom that is not used. If we have only one bathroom, it is important to have a piece of furniture to store personal hygiene gadgets that should not be visible and to give the space a look as stylish and sophisticated as possible, since it will be used by visitors. If we are lucky enough to have a toilet, the advice is to decorate it with all the creativity and imagination possible, since those small spaces can be a source of inexhaustible fun. Vinyl, wallpaper, strident colors, anything goes in this environment.

When it comes to decorating modern apartments or they are small apartments, it is essential to think about the decoration of environments such as bedrooms, living room, bathroom and also the kitchen. There are many elements that in addition to being decorative help to organize the various elements such as tableware and other artifacts as we see in this example where the modern industrial style shelf gives it a wave and at the same time order. Always a professional in the field will help us to design our spaces in the best way. If you are interested in knowing more about apartment decoration, I recommend this book that will fascinate you.